Preparing Your Lawn for Winter

by Brian Burke on November 23, 2010

in Lawn Care

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Feel that chill in the air? Winter is approaching, and fast. As the autumn comes to a close, take some time to prepare your lawn for the winter months. Come spring, you’ll be rewarded with a lush, healthy lawn. Here are some tips for successful late autumn lawn care:

1. As winter approaches, gradually lower the mowing height of your mower, until you are almost, but not quite, shaving the lawn completely. Young grass will dry out and turn brown as the air gets colder, and new growth is especially susceptible to winter diseases. Be sure to shorten your lawn in several steps, as cutting too close right away can kill your grass and damage your turf.

2. Be sure to fertilize your lawn just before winter arrives. Even though your grass will not grow during the winter, its root system will store the fertilizing nutrients and use them as soon as the ground starts to thaw.

3. Clear your lawn of any debris—gardening equipment, toys, even rocks and logs. When covered in snow, such objects can smother your grass, damage your turf, and make your lawn more vulnerable to diseases.

4. Aerate your lawn before the first freeze. If your lawn has excessive thatch, it will only get worse during the winter months. Aerating your lawn will virtually guarantee healthier spring growth.

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